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CR19 once again aimed to be an evolution and improvement to CR18. The front of the monocoque remained the same with the rear being replace for a spaceframe to make accessing the engine and rear of the car easier. As well as this a space frame rear of the car would be a step towards the car moving to electric with the rear end hypothetically being able to be swapped out for a frame with batteries and a motor. With the front half of the monocoque remaining the same and the area behind the driver changing it allowed the team to focus on what was new to CR19.

A new plenum was designed, and 3D printed, which changed where the air intake of the car was and made it possible for the car to run using an E-Throttle. A new oil sump was designed and made for the car to decrease oil starvation. Elements of the aero package from CR18 were carried over to CR19 to allow the team more time to focus on the mechanical and electrical aspects of the car. The wiring loom was remade to help with reliability and reduce the chances of the car stopping in endurance. As well as this in the limited testing the CR19 managed to complete before competition issues with the differential and driveshaft were found which quickly had to be fixed to get CR19 running again and able to compete at competition.

Screenshot 2024-01-10 123546.png

In the summer of 2023, the only competition the team attended was Formula Student UK. Where after a rocky start dropping points in design, the team managed to place in the top twenty for cost and business scoring well. Scrutineering was passed without too many issues which allowed for some testing at Silverstone, however, the weather was against us all week with the rain rarely letting up. Skid Pad, Acceleration and Sprint were all wet running which hampered the cars results, although the team still managed to complete every event picking up more well-earned points. On Sunday at FSUK the rain finally cleared, and everything took a turn for the better. Endurance had typically been a problem area for Cardiff Racing as we had not finished it since 2018 with CR14, but thanks to all the hard work the team had put in on the run up to competition as well as at Silverstone, along with a bit of luck the car finished Endurance with the 3rd best time overall and the highest efficiency score for any combustion car. This meant that we placed 6th overall, with more points than the previous two years, cementing Cardiff Racing as a top team in the UK with three top 10 finishes in a row.

Screenshot 2024-01-10 124622.png


Body: Aluminium Honeycomb Half Monocoque with rear space frame

Brakes: Custom 159mm steel discs

Callipers: Front - ISR 22-048-OB, Rear - AP CR4226-2SO

Suspension:  Front Underfloor Mounted Pullrod Actuated Unequal Length Double Wishbone. Rear Pushrod Actuated Unequal Length Double Wishbone

Tyres: Hoosier 16.0x7.5-10 R25B

Wheels: OZ 10" Magnesium

Engine: Triumph 675 Street Triple, DOHC, running on E85

Compression Ratio: 13.4:1

Inlet: Custom Laser Sintered Plenum

Exhaust: Custom titanium design, absorptive/reactive, two-pass

Drivetrain: Drexler Differential

Final Drive: 3:33

Length: 2853mm

Width: 1487mm

Height: 1195mm

Wheelbase: 1540mm

Track: 1190 / 1120mm

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