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CR01 back view 1000 x 500.png

CR01 was the first car to be made by the Cardiff Racing team. Without prior knowledge of past competitions, successes and failures to build upon a decent finish was not expected by the team, however the car still managed to post a decent result at the UK event, giving a great morale boost to the team.
CR01 was designed to be as simple as possible so that there would be no reliability issues come the event. A steel spaceframe was used for its simple construction and ease of design. This was coupled with aluminium panels for a simple but effective chassis. Sadly the car did not manage to complete the endurance event due to the lack of testing taking its toll but overall CR01 was a great start to Cardiff Racing and it has helped make the team what it is today.

CR01 team black and white 1000 x 500.png


Body: Steel spaceframe , with aluminium panels

Brakes: Willwood

Suspension: Front and rear A-arm, pull rod actuated

Tyres: Hoosier

Wheels: Superlight

Engine Name: Honda CBR600 F4i

Engine type: DOHC fluid cooled four cylinder four-stoke

Engine Capacity: 599 cc

Bore & Stroke: 6.70 x 42.5 (mm)

Compression Ratio: 12.0 : 1

Inlet: GRP plenum (top fill)

Injection: Denso sequential high pressure

Exhaust: Stainless steel 4-2-1. ART silencer

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