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CR03b has much the same design as CR03, and is in fact the same car. CR03b features several additional developments which are as follows:

The team has designed, developed and manufactured an active damping system for CR03 that uses smart magneto-rheological fluids to improve handling and balance during the dynamic events. The hardware is controlled by code developed in-house. This has resulted in a car that is more consistent and easier to drive at the limit; in testing this has led to reduced lap times and fewer cone penalties.

A problem identified with CR03 was the poor visibility of the dash for the driver. A wireless driver interface system in the steering wheel, using Bluetooth technology, was designed. Wireless technologies were chosen for reasons of both safety and durability. The new interface has enabled more information to be displayed to the driver and controls for systems on the car to be more accessible, allowing the driver to select between engine maps and damper settings. The steering wheel driver interface is a custom built module.

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Body: Aluminium honeycomb monocoque, stressed engine

Brakes: Alcon, Willwood, AP Racing

Suspension: Active Magneto Rheological dampers, push rod coilovers

Tyres: Goodyear D2692 R075

Wheels: 3 piece, Al rims, custom centres

Engine Name: Honda CBR600 F4i

Engine type: DOHC fluid cooled four cylinder four-stoke

Engine Capacity: 599 cc

Bore & Stroke: 6.70 x 42.5 (mm)

Compression Ratio: 12.0 : 1

Inlet: Wave tuned carbon fibre plenum (side fill)

Injection: OEM Honda injectors, modified inlet runner

Exhaust: Stainless steel 4-2-1. Blue flame dual port oval can

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