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CR05 was an evolution of CR04; focused on getting better access to the engine bay by making it wider. This also increased packaging options. Suspension design included fixing a few issues with the CR04 design that were discovered at the event. Engine wise there was a focus on improving the packaging in the rear of the car, with a focus on improving the fuel tank & radiator sizing and positioning.

CR05 is another high stiffness - low density Aluminium honeycomb composite panel based full monocoque car. The chassis was designed based on the feed backed from previous cars' torsion test results. The car uses a light weight Aprilia V twin engine with optimised intake and exhaust. Cardiff racings in house engine dynamometer illustrates higher power to weight ratio than 4 cylinder alternatives in restricted conditions. The engine power is transmitted through a student design light weight spool which recorded faster lap times than a differential in tests. A similar suspension layout as previous cars was adopted to shorten development time, with Adams simulation results being used to aid this design process.

cr05 1-2.png


Body: Aluminium honeycomb monocoque

Brakes: Custom cast iron discs. Spool / hub mounted

Suspension: Front and rear a-arm, push rod actuated

Tyres: Hoosier C2000 R25B

Wheels: 3 piece, custom centres

Engine Name: Aprilia SXV 550 V-twin

Engine type: SOHC fluid cooled two cylinder four-stoke

Engine Capacity: 553 cc

Bore & Stroke: 80 x 55 (mm)

Compression Ratio: 12.5 : 1

Inlet: Laser sintered plenum

Injection: Stock injectors

Exhaust: 2 into 1, stainless steel silencer

Drive Train: Student designed aluminium spool

Final Drive: 2.925:1

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