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CR09 is an updated and refined version of Cardiff Racing's previous car, CR08. This year Cardiff University's fourth year module structure was altered to give an earlier deadline for the completion of the car, therefore allowing for more time to test and set up the car before both the Formula Student UK and Germany Events.

At first glance, it can be seen that the front monocoque has changed quite a bit from last year's design. A steeper front angle has been introduced to incorporate the front roll hoop inside the chassis. From work completed through third year dissertations, larger radii bends on the front monocoque are now present which increase the stiffness of the chassis, as well as giving the car a more rounded shape.

Looking towards the rear of the car, the student designed spool has been replaced with a differential to provide better handling of the car, allowing the rear wheels to turn at different speeds, which aids its cornering. This, however, provides the need to have two rear brakes instead of previously only having one incorporated into the spool. The added weight is being kept to a minimum, however the advantage gained through the differential will greatly outweigh any added mass.

Partnering with new sponsors this year has allowed Cardiff racing to acquire newly designed brake lines, water/oil piping and a new radiator for greater reliability and increased performance. Our longstanding sponsors have also helped greatly with our exhaust wrapping, nuts, bolts, discounts and money to further our achievements. Our thanks go out to: Santander, Meritor, Forge Motorsport, Tritech, Willans, Zircotec, AP Racing and Cardiff University Itself. Previous years have seen Cardiff Racing suffer many electric problems at events, so this year the entire wiring loom has been made from scratch, with new fittings courtesy of our sponsorship deal with RS Components.

Overall CR09 finished 26th at FS UK (7th out of UK teams) with a record 2nd in the cost event. At FS Germany CR09 placed 53rd overall despite facing overheating issues at both events.

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Body: Aluminium monocoque / rear spaceframe

Brakes: Custom 190/200mm steel discs front/rear

Calipers: Front - 2 x Brembo Calipers (11H30), Rear - 2 x AP Racing Calipers (CP4226-2SO)

Suspension: Front and rear a-arm, push rod actuated

Tyres: Hoosier C2000 R25B

Wheels: 3 piece, Keizer rims and centres

Engine Name: Aprilia SXV 550 V-twin

Engine type: SOHC fluid cooled two cylinder four-stoke

Engine Capacity: 553 cc

Bore & Stroke: 80 x 55 (mm)

Compression Ratio: 12.5 : 1

Inlet: Laser sintered plenum

Injection: Stock injectors

Exhaust: Student designed two pass absorptive silencer, 2-1 34mm diameter

Drive Train: Yamaha differential. Custom housing

Final Drive: 2.925:1

Length: 2749 mm

Width: 1341 mm

Height: 1138 mm

Wheelbase: 1610 mm

Track: 1150 / 1120 mm

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