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2018 represented an evolution year for Cardiff Racing, riding on the success of the previous year. It focussed on the development of the weaker areas of the car, aiming to improve the overall performance. 

The first major change was the switch to the OZ 10" Magnesium Wheels, which required a redesign of the upright and hub assembly. This was a great opportunity to improve the wheel speed integration, with an internal trigger sleeve, increasing the reliability and damage resistance of the system.

The focus for the chassis updates was the increasing of the cockpit size, to better accommodate the drivers. Collisions between the driver's elbows and the edges of the chassis were common in the previous year, and therefore the cockpit was widened in this area to avoid this issue.

The aero development revolved around the improvement of the cooling system, with in wash elements and large radiator endplates helping to double the airspeed through the radiators.

The exhaust was also redesigned to reduce the system mass, and improve mid range torque. The two exhaust silencers were integrated into one unit, manufactured out of aluminium. This yielded significant weight savings, and due to the positioning at the rea of the car, was integrated with the jacking bar mount.

Once again, the triumph engine yielded excellent reliability, finishing another two endurances, with the second at FS Czech, being completed despite adverse weather conditions, with over 75mm of standing water in places.

It also yielded our fastest acceleration time to date, a 4.049, giving us a 3rd place in the acceleration event at FSUK, and was given a signature of approval from Jenson Button. Despite being the defending FSUK champions the team were still happy with 13th overall at FSUK, only being let down by a couple individual events.



Body: Aluminium Honeycomb Front Monocoque / rear spaceframe

Brakes: Custom 151mm steel discs

Callipers: Front - ISR 22-048-OB, Rear - AP CR4226-2SO

Suspension: Front Pushrod actuated FOX Van RC dampers with coil springs. Rear Pushrod actuated FOX Van RC dampers with coil springs

Tyres: Avon 7.0/16.0-10 A92

Wheels: OZ 10" Magnesium

Engine: Triumph 675 Street Triple, DOHC, running on E85

Compression Ratio: 12.9:1

Inlet: Custom Laser Sintered Plenum

Exhaust: Student Designed Log 3:1 collector and single muffler with dual resonator chambers

Drivetrain: Drexler Differential

Final Drive: 12:40

Length: 2835mm

Width: 1368mm

Height: 1175mm

Wheelbase: 1560mm

Track: 1190 / 1120mm

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