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2019 was a large shift in the chassis design for Cardiff Racing, as we moved back to a full aluminium honeycomb chassis after a 7 year hiatus. This allowed much more flexible mounting of almost every component, as a mounting point could be placed anywhere on the chassis surface. A new aero package was also designed, with lightweight 3 piece front wing, and a full underfloor package, as well as new rear wing end plates, with custom aluminium moulds for all parts. The suspension was also developed further with new front and rear geometry, and actuation, utilising the newly purchased Ohlins damper units. A new concept was also introduced for the ARBs, utilising bladed sections to greatly increase the adjustability of the package.

However, the summer campaign was hampered by several reliability problems, at both competitions, resulting in finishing no endurances, and being much further down the order than we would like. The season ending, European scenic tour didn't help matters, and attention was turned to developing this successful concept for the next year of Cardiff Racing. However the team still managed 18th at FSUK and 14th at FSN which gave hope that with improved reliability they could improve next year.



Body: Aluminium Honeycomb Full Monocoque

Brakes: Custom 151mm steel discs

Callipers: Front - ISR 22-048-OB, Rear - AP CR4226-2SO

Suspension: Front Pushrod actuated FOX Van RC dampers with coil springs. Rear Pushrod actuated FOX Van RC dampers with coil springs

Tyres: Avon 7.0/16.0-10 A92

Wheels: OZ 10" Magnesium

Engine: Triumph 675 Street Triple, DOHC, running on E85

Compression Ratio: 13.4:1

Inlet: Custom Laser Sintered Plenum

Exhaust: Student Designed 3:1 collector and single muffler with dual resonator chambers

Drivetrain: Drexler Differential

Final Drive: 12:40

Length: 2835mm

Width: 1368mm

Height: 1175mm

Wheelbase: 1560mm

Track: 1190 / 1140mm

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