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Cardiff Autonomous Racing is our team's self-driving technology hub. It's mission is to bring the brightest students together to develop and deploy software on a full-scale autonomous vehicle. Students collaborate to address some of the most important challenges in driverless technology.



The team competes in IMechE’s Driverless competition. This competition challenges university teams to build and develop a fully autonomous driving system. Similar to the main competition, it consists of static events as well as autonomous missions such as; acceleration, skid pad, sprint, and track driving event. Teams are invited to either develop and build their own complete autonomous car to IMechE specifications or purchase or loan a bespoke platform provided by the IMechE. 


Originally a research group of 10 people, the team has grown to over 30 members. Our students, both past and present, represent the brightest talent Cardiff University has to offer. Former students have gone on to work at industry leaders such as Toyota and Nissan.

Become A Sponsor

We are currently looking for partners! If you are excited about the future of driverless technology, and would like to collaborate with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can reach us via email at

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