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CR18 builds on the stengths of CR17 by retaining the chassis shape as well as the suspension set-up. CR18 boasts a brand new aerodynamics package along with a new exhaust layout and new plenum design. A small detatchable hatch allows for easier access to the pedals and cockpit area. A newly created loom allows for a multitude of sensors to monitor everything from engine temperatures to wheel speed. CR18 will compete at Formula Student UK at Silverstone in July.

At Silverstone, the team was a front runner in all the dynamic events including winning the Acceleration event, however an electrical issue forced the team to retire from the Endurance event just after the half way point in the session. At the end, the team finished in 5th place overall and plenty of ideas on how to improve our result.



Body: Aluminium Honeycomb Full Monocoque

Brakes: Custom 159mm steel discs

Callipers: Front - ISR 22-048-OB, Rear - AP CR4226-2SO

Suspension:  Front Underfloor Mounted Pullrod Actuated Unequal Length Double Wishbone. Rear Pushrod Actuated Unequal Length Double Wishbone

Tyres: Hoosier 16.0x7.5-10 R25B

Wheels: OZ 10" Magnesium

Engine: Triumph 675 Street Triple, DOHC, running on E85

Compression Ratio: 13.4:1

Inlet: Custom Laser Sintered Plenum

Exhaust: Custom titanium design, absorbative/reactive, two-pass

Drivetrain: Drexler Differential

Final Drive: 3:33

Length: 2853mm

Width: 1487mm

Height: 1187mm

Wheelbase: 1540mm

Track: 1190 / 1120mm

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